Children and Taekwon-Do

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The teaching and practice of a martial art is an important and delicate matter in the development and life of a child.

We often wonder:
What motivation is there in the child’s undertaking in Taekwon-Do?
Why are his parents interested in that the child should take up Taekwon-Do?
Why can a doctor, a psychologist or a teacher be interested in recommending Taekwon-Do practice to a child?

Throughout these years of teaching practice we have heard multiple answers to these questions that we might synthesize as follows:
So that the child may learn to defend himself.
So that the child may acquire self-confidence.
So that the child may perform a physical activity.
So that the child may improve his physique or his posture.
So that the child will lose weight.
So that the child may improve his body co-ordination.

Because the child is too aggressive.
Because the child is too quiet and shy.
Because the child cannot handle his impulses or reactions.
So that the child will stay away from bad companies or give up bad habits.

All these answers point towards the great many benefits derived from the practice of Taekwon-Do in order to adequately perform in a society as conflictive and competitive as ours, where it is not at all simple to find the proper channels where to give vent to our fears, or to our aggressiveness. Therefore, it is fundamental to make a right choice of a professional instructor able to guarantee a top-level technical tuition and also be a model of conduct and ethics for the child.

During his learning the child will soon come to understand that victory and defeat are natural circumstances of everyday life and he will acquire a growing maturity that will enable him to become a better companion, a better son or daughter, a better sibling and in his/her later adult life keep on developing healthily as a wholesome person.

Physical Benefits of Taekwon-Do Practice

- Lessons focus on skills as the fundamental axis of the child’s corporal training.

- Balance, agility, calm and surprise, flexibility and concentration are developed.

- Practice allows the child to reach a fine command of physical skill, since every part of the body needs to be exercised, within a framework that includes motion, reaction, dodging, blows and kicks.

- Practice will provide the child with ability, avoiding distractions while expanding the range of his eyesight, gaining flexibility in his joints, potency in his muscles and a greater dynamics in his movements.

In synthesis, from Taekwon-Do practice, the child will obtain: an efficient means of self-defense mind and body co-ordination, improvement of skills and physical adroitness applicable to any other physical activity reflexes, capacity for swift reaction and concentration an understanding of Taekwon-Do is philosophical fundamentals an environment wherein to adequately release his energies, avoiding behavioral disorders and in terms of prevention, reducing risks of addiction to drugs or to alcohol.

Intellectual Benefits of Taekwon-Do Practice

- Opposite to what many people presuppose, Taekwon- Do practice does not produce in children any inclination to violence or injuries of any sort.

- On the contrary, the child learns right from the start how to control his muscular tone and how to regulate his aggressiveness; sin Taekwon-Do lessons are carried out in a mood of healthy companionship and mutual respect.

- We stimulate in the child the will to achieve goals in life by means of his/her own resources.

- At the same time, Taekwon-Do training as conducted by ITF instructors builds up in the child a growing willpower and an unshakable faith in his own potential, within an atmosphere of humility and tolerance, providing him with a context where to release or awaken aggressiveness in a controlled way, being able to develop self-assurance while exalting moral values and facilitating a harmonious resolution of aggressive situations.

- It is because of all these factors that Taekwon-Do becomes a testimony in favor of non-violence and its constant practice is a straight path that leads to its very essence, building along the way a sane mind, a healthy body and a rich spirit.

- And a child who is mentally, physically and spiritually fulfilled is a happy child, ready to face life´s challenges and to succeed in them.

- By transforming fear in trust, by reducing the level of aggression, with the proper channeling we will replace aggression by tolerance


Since a child’s build is delicate and he is at a stage of growth and development, Taekwon-Do must be learnt in an orderly and rational way, with students being coached by top-notch professionals who are experts in aggression management.
Our approach to Taekwon-Do teaching is keenly aware of differences in age, build and weight of its practitioners, addressing these characteristics in a personalized way.

 We guarantee that the child will
- Acquire the capacity to physically and mentally operate in increasingly complex levels.
- Value friendship, truth, justice and liberty as bases for civilized, harmonious understanding and human development.
- Adopt attitudes of collaboration, respect, plurality and understanding towards child companions and towards grown-ups.
- Act safely and confidently within different contexts and environments.
- Make good use of his/ her leisure time.
- Resolve aggressive situations without needing to prove their courage or being exposed to peer pressure.
- Handle and release aggressiveness without injuring themselves or hurting others.
- And above all accepts that victory and defeat are natural,changing circumstances in everyday life.


“Korean Art of Self Defense” Taekwon-do is the mental training and techniques of unarmed combat for self defense as well as health.

Cardio Kicboxing

Combines boxing, martial arts kicking, stretching and body conditioning in a one-hour cardiovascular / resistance / bag training workout.

Kids & Teens

The teaching and practice of a martial art is an important and delicate matter in the development and life of a child.

Mixed Martial Arts

Combining Taekwon-do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling together to provide the most effective means of self-defense in realistic situations.

Personal Traning

By definition, personal training is exercise that is as unique as each individual client.

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