Mixed Martial Arts

Original Taekwon-do MMA is a Mixed Martial Art combining Taekwon-do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling together in order to provide the most effective means of self-defense in realistic situations.

Original Taekwon-do MMA is a street wise self defense that teaches you to defend yourself from a standing position as well as a close range or on the ground situation.

Original Taekwon-do MMA will show you how to defend yourself when someone gets past your strikes, whether you are standing or on the ground.

Original Taekwon-do MMA incorporates standup and ground strikes, takedowns, submissions, controlling techniques, and positioning in order to control or subdue an opponent. Our program was designed to teach you how to defend yourself in any situation.

Taekwon-do/Muay Thai/Boxing – incorporates the most effective hand, knee, elbow, and foot techniques with an intense cardio workout. This method of defense enables you to protect yourself in stand-up confrontations before an attacker gets close enough to physically grab you.

Submission Grappling/Jiu-Jitsu – teaches you how to escape holds and grabs from a standup or ground position using techniques such as throws, escapes, joint locks and submission. These defenses are most useful in close-range altercations and situations that end up on the ground.

This unique combination of standup and ground fighting is what makes Original Taekwon-do MMA a true Mixed Martial Art. While most other schools or systems focus on only one or two areas of self-defense such as hand or foot techniques, or grappling, Original Taekwon-do MMA’s unique fusion of all three will provide you with the knowledge to defend yourself in virtually any situation.

MMA Training - Mixed Martial Arts will get you in the best shape of your life! Just take one look at any MMA fighter and your will see the best bodies in the world of professional sport. MMA fighters need cardio, strength, and flexibility all while maintaining a lean and strong body. Our program’s goal is to get you in the same physical shape as a fighter, whether entering a cage or not. Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world and the reason for that is the training! MMA training will build you into a complete martial artist with a Champion’s physique.

MMA Training instead of the gym! - Why train in MMA instead of the gym or other common workouts? The answer is simple. Mixed Martial Arts training is exciting and leaves no room for boredom. Our workouts require no fancy equipment with mediocre results, confusing body charts, and injuries that result from improper use. We utilize a wide variety of martial arts such as Taekwon-do, Jiu-jitsu, Submission Grappling, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Boxing to ensure that you never get the everyday repetitive workout blues.

MMA Training is killing two birds with one stone! - Mixed Martial Arts puts you in impeccable physical and mental shape all while teaching you practical self-defense. You will not only look and feel that you’re at your best, you will be able to make sure that you keep it that way. Certified instructors with years of experience in both training and competing teach our program. The OTKD MMA fight team is a force to be reckoned with. The same fight team will teach you how to defend yourself and get you in the best shape of your life.

Unlike many other types of workouts or fitness programs, Original Taekwon-do MMA includes all three aspects of physical conditioning:

Muscular Development tones and builds muscle strength while improving your appearance.

Cardiovascular Conditioning strengthens your heart and lungs while increasing your daily energy level and burning calories.

Flexibility reduces the chance of injury and keeps you feeling young and agile.

Burn pounds
Defend yourself in any situtation
Relieve stress
Increase your self confidence


“Korean Art of Self Defense” Taekwon-do is the mental training and techniques of unarmed combat for self defense as well as health.

Cardio Kicboxing

Combines boxing, martial arts kicking, stretching and body conditioning in a one-hour cardiovascular / resistance / bag training workout.

Kids & Teens

The teaching and practice of a martial art is an important and delicate matter in the development and life of a child.

Mixed Martial Arts

Combining Taekwon-do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling together to provide the most effective means of self-defense in realistic situations.

Personal Traning

By definition, personal training is exercise that is as unique as each individual client.

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